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Submalar Augmentation by Houston Cosmetic Surgeon

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Submalar Augmentation is a unique surgical procedure designed to restore a vibrant and youthful facial appearance. With the use of a new, patented, silicone implant, Submalar Augmentation enhances natural facial contours by elevating and repositioning sagging skin. In this manner a facial surgeon is able to fill the hollows and depressions and soften the folds and wrinkles caused by gravity and time.

In the past, many procedures have been used to reverse the signs of midfacial aging, but with limited success because of the natural loss to midfacial soft tissue. Face lift surgery can often result in a stretched, mask-like appearance unless it is done properly.

Costs vary depending upon the extent of the surgery and areas treated. Fees for elective surgery are usually paid prior to surgery. In general, Houston cosmetic surgery is considered elective and is not covered by most insurance plans unless the primary reason for surgery is to improve function. To be sure, contact your insurance company before surgery.

The Benefits of Submalar Augmentation

For many individuals, especially in the 38- to 50 age group, Submalar Augmentation can postpone the immediate need for face lift surgery. In addition to improving your appearance, the implant can gently extend the profile to deliver a more natural “high cheekbone” effect than conventional cheek implants.

By providing improved skeletal structure, Submalar Augmentation has the ability to restore natural midface contours in those people who previously had face lift surgery and were left with the mask look. This procedure can also restore lip fullness by reversing the downturned, sad expression often seen in aging lips.

In patients considering face lift surgery, Submalar Augmentation may be the perfect companion to restore sagging midfacial soft tissue and ensure an enhanced and longer-lasting face lift result.

Submalar Augmentation has proven to be a predictable, low-risk and low-cost cosmetic surgical procedure. The implants, specifically designed for the midfacial area and cheekbone, are precisely fitted by a brief surgical technique that avoids external scars. The recovery time from Submalar Augmentation is shorter than for most other cosmetic surgical procedures. It provides and economical as well as practical solution for a more youthful appearance.

With so many choices, how do you select what is best for you? In a few minutes of consultation, your cosmetic surgeon can assess the nature of your facial structure, and the particular ways in which gravity and time have affected your skin and supporting tissues. As you learn from your doctor’s expertise and counsel, it will become clear to you exactly what procedures are best suited to enhance your appearance