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Penile Widening – Penis Enlargement – Cosmetic Surgery

Penile Widening - Penis Enlargement - Cosmetic SurgeryWhile surgeons that specialize in penile cosmetic surgery agree on the proper method for penis lengthening, they do not agree on the best way to improve its thickness. However, as any experienced cosmetic surgeon will tell you, in order to expand the circumference of the penis, you have to add something to it.

Original penile widening procedures were administered by transferring the patient’s own fat obtained through liposuction, and this method is still commonly used today. Results from the earliest known procedures fluctuated significantly and the rate of revision was high. As a result surgeons started to research other ligament alteration techniques for penile widening.

Eventually, after years of training, surgeons learned how to use the patient’s own fat as a filler during cosmetic surgery. Following the creation of new methods to harvest the fat, patients and surgeons started seeing improved and longer lasting results where it was placed. Criticism still remains due to inconsistent results and unpredictability.

Significant progress was made when it was determined that by adding the patient’s own blood elements rich in growth factors called PRP (Platelet – Rich Plasma), there was almost unanimous agreement of where fat is placed.

For a long time, the processing of these components of a patient’s blood could only be completed in a hospital setting. Today, they are now available to outpatient facilities, leading to an increase in this type of procedure. The benefits using this method of penis widening include no risk of foreign body reaction or rejection and that the fat is usually in abundant supply. There is minimal scarring, about one fourth of an inch, due to the fact incisions are made for a small cannula.

Penile widening is a male enhancement procedure that may be done by itself or together with penile lengthening. We administer many techniques to help achieve the penile girth gain that a patient desires.

One such technique is fat transfer, and uses liposuction. During this process, fat cells from the abdomen or thigh are taken and injected below the penis’s skin.

A second commonly used technique is adding grafts to the shaft of the penis. The graft may be composed of the patient’s own tissue from another part of the body, or be made of Alloderm®, which is treated graft material from another person. Regardless of the type of graft material used, it is sutured to the appropriate location on the penile shaft. This leads to a 35% increase in circumference. If fat injections are used, the second injection, given three months after the initial one, can create an increase of up to 50% in girth.

Not everyone can achieve the largest degree of growth possible, due to the fact that there are anatomical differences between individuals. The patient needs to maintain realistic expectations when undergoing this procedure.

Each technique has its pros and cons. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Capriotti at his Houston area office to learn more about the options available and which one is right for you.

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