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PureGraft Fat Transfer

We can move your fat from places you don’t want it to places you do.

Fat transfer is natural way to volumize or re-contour your body by moving your own fat tissue from one part of your body to another. It is often used in the face, breast, buttocks, or hands. Technique is a very important element to the outcome of this procedure.

A new technology called Puregraft is the only clinically proven tool to improve the quality of fat transfer results. Using a gentle and efficient filtration system, Puregraft cleans your fat tissue removing 97% of unwanted contaminants which cause inflammation and tissue resorption (absorption of the graft back into the body). The purified fat graft provides Dr. Capriotti maximum control to sculpt the most natural contours possible. The result is a safer procedure, faster recovery, and a long-lasting and natural looking result.

Learn more about PureGraft Fat Transfer. – Brochure (pdf)

puregraft fat transfer

PureGraft Fat Transfer Results

Lip Augmentation


Facial Rejuvenation


Buttock Augmentation


Breast Reconstruction